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Forware Spain S.L. is a Spanish information technology company founded in 2007. In order to improve the security of organizations and increase their productivity,

Forware always worked to meeting its customers’ expectations, providing the highest security for the most sensitive information.

Forware offers security solutions that allow securely sharing information and preventing information, thanks to the integration of the technologies of Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) and Device Control (EPP) amongst many others. Forware applies the most innovative techniques to provide simple solutions to complex scenarios.

Company values

  • Focus on security as a confidence builder.
  • Simplicity as standard.
  • Clarity as a means.
  • Transparency as an obligation.
  • The customer as the center of business.
  • Innovation, anticipation and specialization as a way of life.
  • Optimism and courage as differentiators.
  • Ethical behavior and integrity in all business and human relations.
  • The team and the high qualification as value generators.