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The safe way of sharing documents

AntiLeak allows you to share documents with trusted parties.

  • Free service *
  • For Windows, the cloud, mobile and tablets.
  • Compatible with your current E-Mail and cloud services.
  • More useful, secure and faster than the most popular services in the market.

* Free app for Windows and Web. Limits: 1 GB of protection, 100 MB of cloud storage.

Free download

For individuals


  1. From your e-mail, web or favourite cloud service.
  2. With the delivery and synchronization service of AntiLeak.


  1. Know whether the document arrived and was successfully opened.
  2. Understand what parts of the document were more attractive to readers.


  1. Decide who may access your information and what exact rights are granted.
  2. It will be always secure: stored in the cloud or in user’s devices.

For Professionals and Enterprises


  1. Get more cloud storage as you need it.
  2. Share and protect without limits.
  3. Everybody will be able to access your documents, from any device.


  1. Manage users and groups.
  2. Find and protect sensitive information in every PC.
  3. Receive alarms of important events and suspicious behaviours.


  1. Apps for IOS and Android.
  2. Plugins for Adobe, MS Office and Outlook.
  3. Integration with Active Directory, SharePoint, CRMs, ERPs and Document Management Systems.
  4. Compatible with VPN and Remote Desktop servers.
  5. API for developers.

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